Treatment Psychology

What is the cost of treatment?

The cost of treatment is affected by the following factors:

  • Used technologies for treatment
  • Diagnosis and general health of the patient
  • Qualification of a specialist

The complex includes more than 100 individual clinics and institutes. This allows us to help patients.

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University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
Hamburg, Germany
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The Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) was founded in 1889 and is one of the leading research clinics in Germany as well as in Europe. The hospital treats 291,000 outpatients and 91,854 inpatients annually.
West Georgia Medical Center
Kutaisi, Georgia
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West Georgia Referral Hospital is the largest hospital of “Evex Medical Corporation” network that serves more than 1200 inpatients and up to 10000 outpatients monthly, up to 600 surgical interventions are performed.
Athens, Greece
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Currently extending over more than 4,500 sq.m., «Iatriko P. Falirou» Clinic is meeting in the most reliably way the threefold need for “prevention - diagnosis - treatment” expressed by residents of the Southern Suburbs, placing at their disposal experienced physicians who are leaders in their fields of expertise, specialized nursing staff of excellent training, and the latest generation of medical technology equipment.
ALYN Hospital
Jerusalem, Israel
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ALYN Hospital is acknowledged worldwide as a premier hospital specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. It is the only facility of its kind in Israel. ALYN’s reputation in diagnosing and rehabilitating infants, children and adolescents with physical disabilities, both congenital and acquired, is meticulous. The children treated at ALYN come from Israel and abroad. The hospital welcomes all patients regardless of religion or nationality.
MEDSI Clinic St. Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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The Medsi Clinic St. Petersburg, founded in 1999, is a European-level medical center with an area of 6,800 m2, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 2500 medical services in 99 licensed areas. 28 clinical departments and centers, a powerful diagnostic unit.
Istituto Clinico St Anna (Brescia, Italy)
Brescia, Italy
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The St. Anna Clinical Institute, present in Brescia since 1970, is a multi-specialized hospital, accredited by the Italian National Health Service (SSN). Since 2000 the Institute has been part of the San Donato Hospital Group. It is worth mentioning the international recognition of its Breast Unit, exclusively dedicated to the breast cancer treatment, which has been awarded by the "Breast Centers Network" in compliance with its high-quality treatment standards.
"Treatment and rehabilitation center" of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Moscow, Russia
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The “Treatment and Rehabilitation Center” of the Ministry of Health of Russia is one of the first Russian medical institutions to apply the standards of the European medical care system — early diagnosis, timely treatment and rehabilitation after an illness or surgery of any degree of complexity to improve the quality of life.
Center for Endosurgery and Lithotripsy
Moscow, Russia
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CELT has been active in the market of paid medical services for almost 25 years. Almost no multidisciplinary private clinic in Russia has such a successful experience. Over the years, our clients have become more than 800 thousand residents of Moscow, Russia and abroad, who have received more than 2 million various services from us, from medical consultations to complex operations. In particular, more than 100 thousand operations were carried out.
Moscow, Russia
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The European Medical Center (EMC) was founded in 1989. Now it is one of the leading multidisciplinary clinics in Moscow, serving more than 250 000 patients a year. EMC provides all types of outpatient, inpatient and emergency care according to the highest international standards.