Treatment Transplantology

What is the cost of treatment?

The cost of treatment is affected by the following factors:

  • Used technologies for treatment
  • Diagnosis and general health of the patient
  • Qualification of a specialist

The complex includes more than 100 individual clinics and institutes. This allows us to help patients.

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Memorial Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
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Memorial Ankara Hospital is a part of the Memorial Hospitals Group, which were the first hospitals in Turkey to be JCI-accredited. The group includes 10 hospitals and 3 medical centers in several major Turkish cities including Istanbul and Antalya. The hospital is 42,000m2 in size with 63 polyclinics, and is one of the largest private hospitals in the city.
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Medical Center)
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, formerly known as Ichilov Medical Center, was re-named in honor of the Mexican philanthropist Elias Sourasky, whose investments were used for building the hospital.
Asan Medical Center
Seoul, South Korea
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Asan Medical Center (AMC) is a multi-disciplinary hospital that was founded in 1989 and is the flagship healthcare center of the ASAN Foundation, which managers 8 other facilities.
Severance Hospital
Seoul, South Korea
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Severance Hospital is one of several distinguished facilities that belong to the Yonsei University Health System.
Global Hospitals Mumbai
Mumbai, India
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The NABH-accredited Global Hospitals Mumbai was founded in 2012 and is a member of the larger Global Hospitals Group, the leading healthcare provider in India. The hospital building encompasses 2.6million sq. feet and 7 floors, with 15 operating theatres and 6 procedure rooms.
Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan, Italy)
Milan, Italy
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The hospital is a multi-specialty center with over 50 clinical specialties covered and has over 1300 beds; it is accredited by the Italian National Health System to provide care to both public and private, Italian and international patients. In 2016 the San Raffaele Hospital performed nearly 51,000 patient admissions, 67,700 emergency room encounters and delivered over 7 million healthcare services including outpatient appointments and diagnostic exams. It is widely regarded as the most celebrated hospital in the country and among the most reputable medical centers in Europe.
Petrovsky National Research Centre of Surgery
Moscow, Russia
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At the Russian Scientific Center of Surgery named after B.V. Petrovsky implemented priority research, development and implementation of new domestic and foreign medical technologies in various fields of surgery.
Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology
Moscow, Russia
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Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology is a leading specialized center that accepts children with all blood diseases, malignant tumors, hereditary syndromes, immunodeficiencies and other serious diseases for treatment.
National Medical Hematology Research Center
Moscow, Russia
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NMHRC is the first blood transfusion institute in the world. NMHRC is the first in Russia networked collaborative study on the study of acute leukemia. NMHRC is the first blood transfusion institute in the world.
Apollo Health City, Hyderabad
Hyderabad, India
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For over 30 years Apollo Health City, Hyderabad, Asia's first Health City, has touched millions of lives, providing care and treatment for simple to most complicated diseases and conditions to the community.